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Cantina di Fonterutoli

LuogoCastello di Fonterutoli - Castellina in Chianti

Belonging to the Mazzei family since 1435, Castello di Fonterutoli makes high-quality Chianti Classico among Siena's hills and vineyards


With passion and commitment, from generation to generation, the Mazzei family has been devoted to winemaking activities for more than six centuries.

The ongoing pursuit of new levels of quality led the Mazzei family to extend their activities on various oneological fronts, from the historic Castello di Fonterutoli in Chianti to other two equally promising products: Belguardo in the Maremma and Zisola in southeastern Sicily. Through their expressive potential, the Mazzei family aim to use their expertise in various spheres, while always showing the maximum respect for the traits and specificities of these great terroir.

Constant attention paid to these values reflects in their wines, to the satisfaction of connoisseurs around the world, who recognise that Mazzei is a diamond point on the Italian winemaking scene.

The winery

The winery, which is located in the area with the same name near Castellina in Chianti, is striking due to its classic contemporary style, functions and spaces. Architect Agnese Mazzei had to deal with very complicated design needs: a winery that is 75% underground, surface area of 10,000 m2 and natural gravity grape process.

The winery, which appears suddenly without infringing upon the harmonious balance between nature, land and the old village, welcomes visitors, inviting them on a journey of growing amazement, eventually reaching the lowest level, where the barrel cellar moves everyone with its borderline sacred and inviolable space. The sides of the winery, which consist of several overlapping arches, were covered in simple local clay bricks that were shaped according to the design by the Mazzei architectural studio. What is obtained is a new and original chiaroscuro effect. A large, central, semi-circular space welcomes the grapes, which fall from the piazza into the vat room, the centre of gravity of all of the cellar’s activities. All visitor areas and office lead off from the vat room.

The wines

Ser Lapo Riserva Privata
Ser Lapo Riserva Privata - Chianti Classico DOCG
Concerto 2013
Ser Lapo
Ser Lapo - Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG
Castello Fonterutoli
Castello Fonterutoli
Fonterutoli - Chianti Classico DOCG
Philip - Toscana IGT
Mix36 - Rosso Toscana IGT
Mix36 - Rosso Toscana IGT
Siepi - Rosso Toscana IGT

Castello di Fonterutoli

Località Fonterutoli, via Ottone III di Sassonia n°5, Castellina in Chianti
Phone: 0577 73571
Fax: 0577 735757