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A thin and light cage made of white concrete pillars and beams that emerge from the vineyards and lean against the building like a pergola.

ColleMassari is located near Cinigiano in the foothills of Mount Amiata at an altitude of 320 m (1.050 ft) above sea level. We are 39 km (24 mi) far from Grosseto in a north-eastern direction in the Montecucco DOC, famous for its unique microclimate.

The name of the Estate comes from the Castle of ColleMassari that was originally built in the 14th Century and used as a granary. The Castle was acquired in 1999 and restored by the Tipa – Bertarelli family

In 2003 the modern cellar was built using bioarchitecture parameters with the organization of the production on different floors and avoiding the usage of pumps thanks to a gravity flow system.

In 2009 with the acquisition of the Tenuta di Montecucco, the property reaches a total surface of 1.230 ha (3.000 acres) and began to develop the Hospitality sector with the renovation of the resort.

In the Montecucco area wine was made since ancient time, some historical findings date back to 600 A.C. were attributed to the Estruscans. During the restoration of the Castle an ancient low relief with the sun and some grapes gave the perfect inspiration for the Estate Logo.

From the beginning ColleMassari is certified as organic.

Cantina ColleMassari
Edoardo Milesi
Year of realization:
Edoardo Milesi

The building is an underground wooden box. The warehouse, the technical room and the garage are hidden in the hill. The only element on the surface is a white wing that comes out from the hill and re-organize the outside.

The goal in creating open spaces rather than buildings is more evident when you see the main structure that arises from the wooden box and dominates the south – eastern angle.

A thin and light cage made of white concrete pillars and beams that emerge from the vineyards and lean against the building like a pergola.


At ColleMassari guests can start a charming trip in the wine world by visiting the cellar, from where is possible to admire the Castle and the surrounding vineyards while tasting our wines in a dedicated room.

Very close to the winery, you will find Tenuta di Montecucco, a luxury resort with a restaurant where is possible to taste local products from organic growing as well as our wines and the extra virgin olive oil from ColleMassari.


The main feature of our viticulture and enology is to protect and to enhance the identity of the wines we produce, throughout the different vintages, the age of the vines and the respect of nature.

Our vineyards are mainly Sangiovese that come from a selection of old vines originally from Poggio del Sasso hills.

The same approach is applied to all the other varietals and younger vineyards of the property.

The first vintage produced is 2003 and our range of products is: a white wine called “Melacce” made from Vermentino, an oaked version called “Irisse” made with a small percentage of Grechetto; a rosé wine Sangiovese based and called “Grottolo”, our Montecucco Rosso DOC “Rigoleto” and our ColleMassari Riserva made with Sangiovese and other grapes in blend, last but not least a Cru from 100% Sangiovese called “Poggio Lombrone” made from old vines of 50 years old.

The aging of the reds takes place in large Slavonian oak casks of 30-40 hl, also barriques and tonneaux and a further refining in the bottle.