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To trace a definitive line between poetry and technique is impossible. The tangible reality of oenological and viticulture competence mix indissolubly with the beauty and emotions which our estate gives us with its colors and aromas.

Caiarossa is located in Riparbella, a small medieval village on the slopes of a hill facing the Tyrrhenian Sea overlooked by vineyards and wine cellar. The property is owned by the Albada Jelgersma Family which also owns Château Giscours and Château du Tertre, two Grands Crus Classés in Margaux.

Our story begins in 1998 and we immediately decided to embrace the principles of biodynamic agriculture for the cultivation of the vineyards and those of geodynamics and the oriental discipline of Feng Shui, for the project of the winery. Today we own about 70 hectares of which about half are occupied by a mosaic of vineyards with 11 different varieties, selected to best reflect the heterogeneity of our soils. The rest is olive trees and woods. The name Caiarossa was coined to pay tribute to the soils that are characterized by the presence of jasper, rocks and deep red gravel.

Cantina Caiarossa
Isabella Monteforte
Year of realization:
Isabella Monteforte

A constant play on colors defines Caiarossa; the blue of the sea, the red of the cellar, the green of the vineyards that, with the arrival of autumn, reveal their DNA with all the tones of the different varieties ranging from yellow to red. Another surprise is just inside the corporate office with yellow as its dominant color; an intense golden color covering the walls and all the surfaces of the concrete vats characterizes the winemaking premises and conveys a vital sense of energy throughout.

The winemaking area develops on two floors. The gallery-shaped upper floor serves as reception premises for the arrival of the grapes: here, grapes are sorted and stemmed and, then, transferred by gravity to the lower floor, where tanks of various dimensions will welcome them, separated by variety and parcel, to give life to the winemaking process. The cellar is built precisely based on the harvest, each variety undergoes a separate process, which requires the availability of a large number of vessels, even smaller ones, in the cellar.

(in photo the owners, the Albada Jelgersma family)

Large windows at the top of the cellar guarantee natural light throughout the day during winemaking process. This is not just a choice based on sound judgment, but the desire of implementing geo-biological architectural standards whose key criterion is the generation of positive energy. It is, therefore, a question of natural light but also of shapes and colors and materials. Then, going downstairs, where wine is stored for the aging process, the philosophy underpinning the entire operation finds different ways of expression. A probe is plunged deep into the ground in the center of the room – only the point of the probe is actually visible – in search of the vital strength of the earth so as not to disperse the energy of the underground. As regards oenologic standards, controlled temperature and a constantly monitored humidity level accompany the long aging of the wines in oak barriques, tonneaux, and small barrels. Here, the micro-oxygenation ensured by the transpiration of the barrel staves allows the wines to evolve slowly under the watchful eye of the geometries inspired by Feng Shui oriental philosophy.


Choose one of our tour and tasting that fits better your need. We can’t wait to welcome you and let you discover our world. Book your visit and experience the Tuscan feelings.

Tasting Caiarossa
Taste our 4 wines Caiarossa Bianco, Pergolaia, Aria di Caiarossa and Caiarossa. (30 minutes)

Discover Caiarossa
Experience the Luxury of Nature, visit the Feng Shui winery and taste our biodynamic and organic wines: Caiarossa Bianco, Pergolaia, Aria di Caiarossa and Caiarossa. (1.5hrs)

The Colors of Caiarossa - Tour of the winery, tasting from the barrels and tasting of the new vintages
We will bring you into our vineyard to discover all the secrets around biodynamic farming. Then you will have the opportunity to visit our Feng Shui cellar and barriques room. There you will have the exclusive possibility to taste our wines directly form the barriques. After that we will taste the new vintages of Caiarossa Bianco and our 3 red wines; Pergolaia, Aria di Caiarossa and Caiarossa.

Il tagliere di Caiarossa
Selection of cheeses and cold cuts of local producers, various kind of bruschette according of the season and vegetables of our synergic kitchen garden.

Caiarossa Winelovers Tour – visit and tasting with lunch
Visit the winery of Caiarossa and discover the biodynamic and geodynamic philosophy that inspired the building. Taste Caiarossa Bianco paired with a special lunch in our wonderful main tasting room. (2.5hrs – min 4 persons)

Caiarossa à la carte
Let’s create the perfect event together with you


The wines of Caiarossa, are not intended just for wine enthusiasts, but for all those who seek beauty in life. For men and women who are fascinated by what is unique, be it a glass of wine, a work of art or the peak of a pristine mountain. What Eric Albada Jelgersma wants to offer in a glass is the luxury of Mother Nature, that man has contributed to produce.”

Caiarossa Bianco
An elegant and well-balanced wine, it has the width of the sea overlooking its vineyards, it expresses the Viognier and Chardonnay varieties grown on the most calcareous terroirs of the estate.

A modern interpretation of Tuscan tradition, through its main grape variety: Sangiovese.

Aria di Caiarossa
Is the best expression of the Company's youngest vineyards. The name is inspired by the opera, prelude to our Opera Maestra Caiarossa.

The perfect expression of our identity and our terroir. An original blend, composed of our 7 different red grapes.